Wonder Woman Is My Sidekick

June 15, 2016
wonder woman shirt

Graphic tees are such a cool way to amp up a casual look. Especially when you find a graphic that you relate to like I do with this Wonder Woman tee! Graphic tees are a way to express our personalities without having to say anything. And before you even think it, NO…you are not too old to wear a graphic tee! The key to style is believing you can wear anything you want. So don’t put the “X” on something before you at least give it a try. Who knows…maybe wearing something outside of your usual comfort box will spark a different type of inspiration within you!

I came across this Wonder Woman t-shirt on Revolve and had to have it. Wonder Woman was a big part of my childhood and I don’t feel that sheΒ gets near as much respect as she deserves these days. It’s so funny when I wear it because women from different walks of life will flock to me out of sheer admiration for my t-shirt. Again, don’t be afraid to rock a graphic tee that represents your personality. They are always a great conversation starter!

I’ll be honest, shorts aren’t really my thing. At least not outside of the house anyways. I’m trying to get over this phobia, slowly but surely. But only for daytime shorts! If you are wearing shorts out at night for dinner, etc., please please reconsider! It’s just not ok! Regardless of how nice or expensive the shorts may be, they are not meant for a night out on the town. Ok, now that I’ve likely struck a nerve with some you on this subject haha, I’ll move on. If I do find myself wearing shorts, they are always denim shorts. I like to wear them about 1 size too big as I like the casual, slouchy look this creates. Denim shorts are so easy to accessorize. Pair them with sandals, flip flops, sneakers, wedges, etc. Most shoes work!

I like to layer clothing on days that aren’tΒ too hot. I find that layering creates more style and interest to an outfit. The long sleeved button up I’m wearing here is a bleached out chambray. I have a bit of an obsession with chambray shirts. There are currently 10 in my closet in all different washes. It’s a problem, I know. But hey, wear what you love right?! If you don’t own a chambray shirt, please do yourself a favor and get one! They go with most any outfit!

This look was topped off with my favorite denim platform sandals. Platforms do miracles when trying to elongate the legs!

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**Photography by Dean O’Brien**

wonder woman shirt

wonder woman shirt

street style

chambray shirt

casual style

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