Thai Islands

February 9, 2016
maya bay thailand

It didn’t take long for the Thai Islands to steal my heart. After a quick 1 hour flight from Bangkok to Krabi, which is on the Southeastern coast of Thailand, I then took a ferry boat out to Koh Phi Phi Island. As soon as we docked, I loved everything about this island. The water is beautiful, the beaches are small, the hotels are quaint, the streets are lined with markets, restaurants, and bars. And, did I mention, there are no cars on the island? That’s right, everything is walkable. You can walk thru the eclectic, colorful streets from one side of the island to the other. Meeting so many solo travelers along the way. This is one of my favorite things about traveling abroad and sometimes solo myself. You meet so many wonderful people of different backgrounds and cultures. All who are there for the same reasons you are…to experience the beauty and culture of someplace new. It’s such a liberating and unforgettable experience!

Koh Phi Phi has so many things to offer. From snorkeling to rock climbing to renting a long tail boat for the day. One of my favorite things was renting a long tail boat out to the neighboring island of Koh Phi Phi Lei. There are no hotels or accommodations on this island and it can only be visited during the day. And the best part…this island consists of Maya Bay…where Leonardo DiCaprio filmed his famous movie “The Beach”. The answer is YES, this place is just as beautiful as portrayed in the movie. And the snorkeling around the island is an added bonus!

After spending your day in the beautiful ocean, put on your most casual outfit and go experience this islands thriving nightlife. Warning! the far side of the island from the pier is a bit hectic with night clubs, loud house music, and natives twirling fire! I’m told its similar to the vibe in Ibiza. So if you’re into a big party then definitely check it out! Otherwise, stay closer to the bars in the center of the island and closer to the pier. Either way, you’ll absolutely love this gorgeous place and have the time of your life!Β 

Here’s a direct link to learn more about the Phi Phi Islands…

Traditional Thai long tail boats docked in Maya Bay:

thailand long tail boats

“The Beach” at Maya Bay:

maya beach thailand

Our long tail boat approaching Koh Phi Phi Lei:

thai islands

Snorkeling around the Island:

snorkeling in thailand

The charming sidewalk streets of Koh Phi Phi:

kho phi phi island

The view from my hotel bungalow at Bay View Resort:

kho phi phi island

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