“Shooting the Hooch” H&M Style

June 19, 2016
H&M style

Ok. So who’s been into H&M lately?!?! I’m guessing several of you as H&M is a hot spot for cool, trendy clothes and accessories with affordable prices. It had actually been a while since I’d shopped at this wonderful store when I busted through the doors first thing Thursday morning. I’m an overachiever when it comes to shopping so I knew I had to get there when the doors opened to have ample time for the spree I was about to embark upon. The only thing standing in my way was the bronchitis I’d been battling all week. Nonetheless, I was ready to dominate H&MΒ regardless of the hectic coughing attacks that had plagued me all week.

About 3 hours into my OCD shopping extravaganza, I was on my 5th fitting room visit when I broke out into a hysterical coughing fit (those of you who have suffered from bronchitis know exactly what I’m talking about)! Water wasΒ gushingΒ out of my eyes and nose as I began frantically searching thru my purse for a tissue, napkin, pair of socks, whatever. Unfortunately, there were no tissues or socks to be found. My only savior was a maxi pad that I ripped open without hesitation and used to wipe my nose. Yep! It was officially time for me to get the heck out of there haha! The bronchitis was sadly still in full swing but my H&M domination succeeded. I’m taking a bow as we speak πŸ™‚

My amazing friend Melissa and I shot these images on the Chattahoochee River. “Shooting the Hooch” is what we call tubing down the Chattahoochee River in massive inner tubesΒ with coolers full of adult beverages somehow attached to either you or the tube. Oh yes…this is a good time needless to say! I loved this H&M outfit for a fun day at the River. The bikini top I’m wearing is structured and does a great job at staying in place. And the pants are a lightweight, high-waisted gaucho. Perfect for walking thru the shallow sections of the river. My only accessory here is the head scarf. I absolutely love wearing something around my head. Whether it be a baseball cap, fedora, bandana or scarf, it’s just my thing. This is actually a beautiful neck scarf from H&M that I rolled up and used as a head scarf.

This post was inspired by the Bloglovin’ and H&M partnership to scout out theΒ β€œBreakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year.” So keep your fingers crossed for me!

Head over to to shop my look! Have a wonderful and inspiring week!

xoxo, Lace


H&M Style

H&M Style

H&M outfit

H&M outfit


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