Must Have Makeup Applicators

April 11, 2016
must have makeup applicators

I’m asked so often “what makeup brushes do you use and recommend?” With so many brushes and applicators on the market, the perfect ones can be hard to find. Many people have no idea about the benefits that come with a great makeup applicator. It’s truly a game changer and will completely improve the way you apply makeup. Not to mention, the way you look! I’m so excited to share the makeup applicators that I use and never want to live without.

Shiseido Foundation Brush: I’ll start with my favorite foundation brush as that’s typically theΒ first step of makeup application. I came across this brush by Shiseido a few years ago and fell immediately in love. No question, it 100% changed how foundation appeared on my face by giving a smooth application and impeccable finish. The brush is short, soft, and dense allowing for precise control when applying foundation. The brush is slightly angled aiding in reaching all facial contours and crevices. This brush gives the most flawless finish I’ve ever experienced. I hope to never be without it!

Beauty Blender: This versatile makeup tool has become a necessity in my makeup application. I’ll be honest, when I first purchased the beauty blender after hearing all the raves from every single makeup artist on the planet, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to use it. This washable and re-usable sponge is meant to be used wet as the sponge expands and becomes more pliable. However, when I wet this neon pink sponge to apply and even out my makeup, it ended up taking most of my makeup off. Then I discovered that the beauty blender must be used “damp” not “wet”. Big difference! So with this new knowledge, I now wrap the sponge in a towel to squeeze out excess water after wetting. And wow! What an amazing applicator it is now that I’ve figured out how to use it! I personally use the beauty blender to apply under eye concealer as well as contouring creams. The beauty blender gives 360 degrees of usable surface. Use the pointed end for under the eyes and to smooth out any crevices. Use the rounded larger end to blend any makeup lines from contouring or foundation lines. All you need to do is use this sponge in a tapping motion, don’t rub. This is the best blending tool you’ll ever use giving you a flawless finish. No more makeup lines and creases!

Powder Brush: I love a great powder brush. One that is full, thick, and soft. Not to mention, a powder brush doesn’t shed leaving little bristles all over your face! Powder brushes can be used to apply translucent powder as well as pressed powder. I prefer using a brush over a makeup puff or sponge to apply powder as I like a lighter coverage over my foundation. After all, powder should just be used to set our makeup, not pile it on. Just dab aΒ powder brush into you powder and sweep across the face. This will set your foundation before applying bronzer and blush. The powder brush I have pictured here was a limited edition created by the jewelry designer Alexis Bittar in collaboration with Sephora. What can I say…I needed some makeup brushes with a little bling! However, I’ve linked a very similar powder brush below that is nothing short of amazing.

Blush Brush: This is an essential tool in makeup application. Applying blush perfectly to the cheek bones is key in defining the face and a great blush brush can help you do that. Look for a brush that is smaller than a powder brush, yet still full, thick, and soft. It’s also a good idea to find one with a slight angle to the bristles. This helps when applying precisely to the cheek bones. Like my powder brush, the blush brush you see pictured here was part of a limited edition set by Alexis Bittar. I’ve linked a fantastic similar blush brush below.

Laura Mercier Velour Puff: Ok, this makeup puff is magic when you want a full coverage powdery finish. I use this puff when I’m “baking.” No not a cake! “Baking” is a type of contouring. A more intense contoured look (think Kim Kardashian). I wouldn’t recommend “baking” as your every day makeup look. However,Β if you have an important event where lots of pictures will be taken, this is an incredible look as it will define your face in all the right ways. If you haven’t read my post on contouring, check it out here…Makeup Contouring.Β When you’re “baking” dab this velour puff into a translucent powder. Press the powdered puff over the highlighted contoured sections (under the eyes and jawline). The contouring that you’ve done under your cheek bones and around the hairline will really pop and give you an ultra defined look. This puff is also great to use with powder all over the face if you prefer a matte, full coverage look.

Good makeup applicators can be pricey. But, think of them as an investment as they will last you for years to come. The cheap brushes will always fall apart sending you directly back to the store to purchase new ones. And be sure to keep your applicators clean! Otherwise, they harbor bacteria that is constantly transmitted onto your face. I try to wash my brushes and applicators once a week. If that’s too often for you, definitely make sure you are cleaning them once a month. I’ve linked an amazing applicator cleaner that will make your life so much easier when cleansing! I hope this info helps and you look even more beautiful tomorrow than you do today!

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Would love to hear from you so please leave any questions or comments you have in the “comments” section below! Also, keep me in the loop if you come across any other makeup applicators that are keepers!

must have makeup applicators

makeup brush cleaner

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