Mixed Prints

July 8, 2016
Mixed prints

Who says you can’t rock Mixed Prints?!?! Pairing patterns isn’t nearly as difficult as you think! You only need a little imagination :-). 

When it comes to fashion, I love doing things outside of the box. Luckily, most all fashion trends these days have some sort of forward thinking making it so much fun to create what you want! In this particular post, I’ve chosen to mix gingham and floral. Why? I have no idea haha! It’s just how I was feeling that day. Here are a few steps to follow when working with mixed prints and patterns…

Choose prints that share at least one similar color. Whether it be black, grey, yellow, navy, etc., just make sure at least one of the colors has a presence within each clothing item. Here I’ve chosen blue as my central color when deciding to mix a gingham print blouse with a floral skirt. Side note, are you wondering what the difference is between gingham and plaid??? Gingham is a symmetrical pattern of checks using only 2 colors while the pattern on plaid is asymmetrical using multiple colors. All in all, gingham is a preppier cleaned lined version of plaid. Make sense? Ok good…moving on!

Pair mixed prints with neutrals. This can actually be done however you want. Example, a floral skirt can be paired with a neutral top and a striped scarf. The neutral I’ve used here are my shoes…a neutral wedge sandal. Imagine if I paired this look with a red polka dot shoe…not a good look!

If you want to use the same pattern, try inverting the colors. Example, a black plaid shirt with white detailing paired with a white plaid skirt or pants with black detailing. You’d be amazed at how chic this looks! Its the same pattern from head to toe with a play on colors.

Use the same pattern in a larger and smaller scale. Example, a thick striped blouse paired with thin striped pants. Or a floral print blouse with small flowers paired with a floral print skirt with large flowers. Just be sure to keep the mixed size scales in the same color family!

When working with stripes, here’s a rule of thumb…always treat stripes as a neutral! This versatile pattern truly pairs with anything. Try pairing with florals, perforated leather, etc. It always works!

Break up patterns with a belt or waist tied shirt. If you decide to wear a striped shirt with a floral skirt but aren’t sure you’re feeling the mix, just throw on a belt to break up the prints. Same goes for tying a shirt around your waist. Try a neutral shirt with a striped pant topped off with a plaid shirt tied around your waist. You’ll quickly approach the cool kids circle in this look 😉

Use the same print in contrasting colors. A great neutral leopard print blouse looks great with a bold red leopard print skirt!

And lastly, use printed accessories if you prefer to be a bit more understated with mixing prints and patterns. A leopard print shoe pairs great with a plaid shirt. Same goes for a polka dot skirt with a striped shoe or scarf.

The important thing is to have fun with it and try not to overthink your selections!

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Mixed prints

Gingham shirt

Mixed prints

gingham blouse

mixed prints

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