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October 14, 2015
makeup contouring

Makeup contouring has become an essential step in my makeup process. Recently I’ve gotten so many compliments on my makeup and I have to give the credit to FINALLY learning how to contour. This process does take some time to learn so be patient. Practice makes perfect!

The definition of contouring is the art of using shades and highlights to sculpt and balance your face. Cheekbones will appear higher and angles will appear softer and more refined. Have you ever looked at someone and not only thought how beautifully structured their face appeared, but how they seemed to light up thru the center of their face? This my friends is contouring!

I’ve included 4 step by step guides below on how to contour for your personal face shape…Round, Oval, Square, and Heart-Shaped. Yes, this does matter as you will need to highlight the high planes of the face (areas in the center of the face) and contour/shade the low planes of the face (under cheekbones, etc).

Here are the steps I personally use when contouring. You can follow this guide in conjunction with your face shape card below. Here goes!…

  1. After I cleanse, moisturize, and prime my skin…I then apply a natural looking foundation to my face and concealer under my eyes.
  2. Next I use the skinny end of the below contouring brush to apply the #1 color in the below contouring palette as this is the highlighter. Note, the highlighter should be lighter than your skin tone. I then apply the highlighter to the high planes of my face using the guide based on a square face shape. I then blend the highlighter into my skin using a beauty blender sponge. Always use a patting/tapping motion when you’re blending with a sponge, never rub.
  3. I then use the thick end of the contouring brush to apply the contour color to the low planes of my face. Your contour color can either be #3 or #4 on the contour palette. It really just depends on your skin tone. I personally use #4 for contour color. Once I’ve applied the contour color underneath my cheek bones, temples, and jaw line (again, the contour areas are based on your personal face shape), I then blend them with the same thick end of the contouring brush. Always blend into the highlighted areas and towards the center of your face. Once everything is blended, the highlighting and contouring will look seamless. Use the beauty blender sponge for any extra blending around the jaw line or hair line.
  4. Lastly, I set my face with powder and add warmth with a bit of blush and bronzer. The number #2 color on the contour palette is an illuminator. For added glow, this can be applied under the arch of the brow, the inner corners of the eyes, and on the top of the cheekbones. I always apply the illuminator with my ring finger using a tapping motion.

A lot of people will apply the highlight and contour to their face at the same time then blend together. It’s just my personal preference to blend the highlighter first then apply the contour shade. Just do what works best for you! Also, there are so many contouring palettes and sticks on the market now. Both with cream and powder consistencies. I’ve tried a few of them but prefer the Cover FX palette featured below. Again, do what works for you! 

Happy Contouring! I already know…YOU LOOK GOOD!

Contour Palette: Cover FX

Contour Brush: Cover FX

Sponge: Beauty Blender 

**Face Shape Contouring Photo Cards Courtesy of Sephora**

Cover Fx - Makeup Contouring - How To

Cover FX - Makeup Contouring

Makeup Contouring for Round Face

Makeup Contouring for Oval Face

Makeup Contouring for Square Face

Makeup Contouring for Heart-shaped Face

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