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January 8, 2016
Top of Lion's Head Mountain

I wanted to do a quick post on a couple of my favorite Cape Town Adventures. Besides, sunbathing on Cape Town’s gorgeously manicured beaches of course! If you ever have the chance to visit this magical place, here are some of my favorite things to do while in the Cape…

Lion’s Head Mountain is a focal point in Cape Town and provides a scenic backdrop to this already remarkable city. Lion’s Head rises to 2195 feet above sea level and is best known for its stunning views of the Mother City (aka Cape Town), Table Bay, and the Atlantic shoreline. While simply looking at this interesting mountain is quite fun, it’s not nearly as fun as actually hiking to the top. The hike/climb to the top of Lion’s Head is quite a challenge and not suited to the unfit, elderly, or very young. The route starts at Signal Hill Road and spirals around the the mountain to the very top of Lion’s Head. About half the way up is a very steep hike while the second half is a true rocky climb. There is a section with chains that have been put in place to assist climbers over a steep, rocky section. Although there is an alternate route that bypasses the chains, the ascent is still steep and not to be taken lightly. I must admit there were a few times that I was scared for my life as secure measures such as guard rails are not in place on the mountain. So hike at your own risk and wear shoes with good traction. Once you get to the top, it will all be worth it!

Die Strandloper Restaurant in Langebaan South Africa is worth the drive from Cape Town! I must admit that I wasn’t thrilled about this particular outing at first as it is a 2 hour drive up the West Coast from Cape Town. However, once we arrived to this eclectic spot on the beach, I was instantly filled with joy! Die Strandloper is an open air, casual restaurant on the sand and water’s edge of Langebaan Lagoon. They are internationally famous for delicious seafood served in ten courses over a 3-4 hour time period. You can bring your own coolers with drinks and ice, or utilize the beach bar on sight. Either way, take your friends and family and stay a while! It’s a leisurely and enjoyable experience for all.

The drive over Chapman’s Peak, hiking or taking the cable car to the top of Table Mountain, and exploring Hout Bay are a few more of my favorite Cape Town Adventures. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments for me. Would love to hear from you!

Here are 2 links with more info:

Lion’s Head Mountain

Die Strandloper Restaurant

**Photography by Lacey Wall and Dean O’Brien**


Top of Lion’s Head Mountain – View of Cape Town:

Top of Lion's Head Mountain

Cape Town Adventures


View of Lion’s Head from the beach:

Lion's Head Mountain


Steep rocky climb!:

Lion's Head Mountain Hike

Lion's Head Mountain Hike


View of Table Mountain from the top of Lion’s Head:

Table Mountain South Africa


Die Strandloper Restaurant in Langebaan Lagoon:

Die Strandloper Restaurant

Die Strandloper Restaurant

Langebaan South Africa

Die Strandloper Restaurant

South African Fish Fry

South African fish fry

South African Fish fry

Die Strandloper Restaurant

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