Austin Postcard

May 15, 2016
Austin Postcard

Austin, Texas is a city full of diverse cultures while hostingΒ some of the most identifiable street murals as backdrops. The street murals are all over the city, creating a bit of a scavenger hunt to find them all. The murals add so much life and diversity to the city, which is what Austin is known for.

Austin is also known for it’s innovative use of food trucks! I’ve traveled all over the world and eaten at some of the bestΒ known restaurants. However, the Austin food trucks have some of the best food I’ve ever tasted! Whether you’re looking for tacos, bbq, sweets, burgers, fries, vegan options, health food, etc., you’ll more than likely find a food truck to suit your liking. And you’ll keep going back! It’s a fun and inexpensive way to taste the local fare while visiting.

However, the thing that impresses me most about Austin has to be it’s nightlife and outdoor space. The city is lively with music throughout the day and night. Nearly every bar, restaurant, and cafe has a large patio for guests to enjoy as much outdoor space as possible. There is so much action happening on any given day in Austin! During the day, when you aren’t hunting down murals, my suggestions would be to visit South Congress. This is a fun shopping area filled with cafes and boutiques. And if Austin’s heat has you breaking a sweat, visit Barton Springs Pool. This place is quite a hang out for the ultra cool hipsters in Austin. Plus, it attracts many different visitors from all walks of life. The pool is man-made, however, it is filled with water for the neighboring natural spring. Truly a sight to visit if you find yourself in the Austin area.

At night, hit up 6th street for lots of bars and nightlife action. The street actually closes down at night so pedestrians can walk freely up and down the street without dealing with traffic or crosswalks. Rainy street has also become a great area for nightlife. This is a historic district which gives Rainy street a lot of character for young professionals looking to have a fun night out without the “wild” antics of 6th street.

Ok, a little about the outfit I’m wearing here. Had to pull out my rodeo graphic tee while visiting Texas ;-). And because I’m so into high waisted wide leg pants these days, I decided to tie the shirt into a knot to showcase the detail of the high waist band (I’m not one for tucking shirts in usually). The whole “tie your shirt in a knot” trend was all the rage when I was a kid. I was ecstatic when it officially came back into style! If you aren’t fond of tying your shirt in the front like I have, then try tying it in the back. Ok, back to the high waisted pants I’m wearing. I’ve ordered a few of these styles from an online store called MisguidedΒ as they are inexpensive and offer different lengths. The one’s I’m wearing are petite so I don’t have to worry about having them altered for being too long. Score!

And, of course, I had to tie on my trusty neck handkerchief as I’m having a hard time going without one these days haha. Last, but not least, these denim platform sandals have my heart! You know how much I love denim and putting it on a shoe is genius!

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**Photos by Jeff Loftin Photography**

Austin TX

Austin TX

White pants

Rodeo T-shirt

denim shoes

denim heels

Austin Postcard

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jess May 19, 2016 at 10:11 pm

i want to visit Austin now and try the food in there. they sounds so tasty and i am sure i would love the environment!
thanks for the share! x

jess x |

Reply May 24, 2016 at 4:13 pm

Hi Jess! Yes you would love Austin :-). Definitely try to visit! I’d love to hear all about your food truck experiences!


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